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Last Featured on this show March 24, 2016

Leipzig worked as a ’special services’ man in the world of financial engineering. He got so sick off what he saw there that he turned against it. He became a revolutionary and made his first album ‘God’s Work?’. His music can be described as a mixture of electronic beats and samples combined with angry vocals and loud guitars. He did everything himself with the occasional help of background singers Zoë and Luka.
Leipzigg has never performed live (yet). More detailed information and the album ‘god’s work’ can be found at

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(PST) Artist Name
10:00 The Nolas EP
10:18 Leipzigg God's Work?
10:23 Blind Fret Elixir
10:29 J.A.R.S. Chaing Dragons
10:33 Sirens Harbor Sweet Nothing
10:35 SCAR Give Up
10:37 AirCrash Detectives Great Ocean Road
10:43 AirCrash Detectives The Flame
10:48 Casimir Greenfield A Shropshire Lad
10:51 Derek King A Decade Full of Dreams
10:56 Drama Duo after reign and detain
11:00 MURAT SES Anatolian Highway 3 OpBe Orlando Mix
11:03 Ophiuco Pneumatic Psyco Bodhidharma
11:08 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light
11:13 The Stunt People Grindstone
11:17 T Dawn Someone Different
11:22 Soul Phlegm The Monster
11:25 Grimm Jack Strong
11:29 Aged Teen Endless Dawn
11:35 Ghost Pressure Tiny Kings
11:39 Les Paul s (The Paul s) The Funeral on Bourbon Street
11:43 Paul Walker / Paul Robert Thomas Love & Theft
11:47 Icicle Morning Bells
11:52 Andy Newton I ll Be Satisfied
11:54 Gashunters Transition
11:58 Riff Reign She's Nice
12:01 Rocktoart Let's Dance
12:05 Dylan Muetterties Shatter
12:07 Falcon Down Second Best 
12:10 Gashunters Turn Around
12:14 Jay Woodward Blue Sky Blue
12:18 Michelle Qureshi Crossing the Water
12:21 Paul Gargiulo Band Back On Track
12:26 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today
12:31 Riff Reign Touchdown London
12:34 Riffuz Navarro In the Galaxy with Coatlicue
12:39 The Wyle Band Suitcase
12:43 Year of October Golden Days 
12:47 Andy Zovko A Worried Mind
12:49 BAMIL I Hear A Voice
12:54 THE BOSTON SHAKERS Plastic Bag
12:57 Brother Neil Met Her In The West
1:01 Cassette Feel it
1:04 Crossley Hunter Heaven Sent (I Am Not)
1:08 CUD Change Under Death  Race Car Woman
1:12 Paul Christopher Only Time
1:16 Cuebitze Acts and Deeds
1:20 D. S. Bradford Elemental Evolution (Single)
1:23 Ethan Keller Lost Dog
1:27 Exzavier Whitley Spilled Your Life
1:29 Falcon Down Hit and Miss 
1:33 Febria Some Trail that Leaves the Others
1:38 Forge The Rubicon Spirits Of The Night
1:42 james bloxham By your side
1:46 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:50 Jay Woodward In Natural Order
1:52 John Harrison If it should End tommorow
1:56 John Ludi Sheep
1:59 Karma Dealers 10,000 Angels
2:03 les snopes D'Outre Tombe
2:07 Mauro Filigheddu Music Man
2:11 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
2:14 Michelle Qureshi Of Sunny Skies
2:17 Midwest Soul Xchange Kings Among Kings
2:22 Mikey Jahbree Wooley Phone Call Home
2:26 MM3 Married To My Madness
2:30 Morgan s Road Turn Me On
2:34 Nature airliner Time
2:37 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
2:40 Dan McCarthy Drifting Away
2:46 Razors & Red Flags Mana Machine
2:49 Richard Beckholt lost and alone
2:52 Riff Reign Down To The Town
2:56 Se Busca Songs About Alcohol