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Last Featured on this show March 26, 2016

Eric Val
Working with Eric the past couple of years has shown me his passion to push his project through the business of rejection (a.k.a. The Music Business), without ever losing sight of his freedom of expression. He clearly knows the difference between a demo and the persistence it takes to make a record. His attention to the details in his music empowers everyone who listens. The gifts are clearly on the table." Joseph Hauserman: Producer, Drums, and Keyboard.

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(PST) Artist Name
10:00 Leipzigg ALBUM: God's Work?
10:49 Eric Val Beauty Queen
10:52 4th Labyrinth Rule The World
10:57 Drama Duo after Get in Line!
11:01 New Image Freedom Train
11:06 AirCrash Detectives Dear Old Henry's Song
11:09 AirCrash Detectives My Time
11:12 Casimir Greenfield Curious Cafe
11:15 Derek King Summer Rain
11:18 Drama Duo after reign and detain
11:22 Ophiuco While
11:27 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
11:29 The Stunt People Carried Away
11:32 T Dawn Crash Down
11:38 MURAT SES Chunk of Earth
11:42 Grimm Jack Last Call
11:46 Paul Walker / Paul Robert Thomas All The Way From Eden
11:51 Year of October You Were Mine 
11:55 Gashunters Rules
12:01 Spiritual Machines Your Enemy
12:04 Falcon Down Blink Blink 
12:07 Riff Reign So Many Years
12:11 Rocker Midnight Blue
12:15 Sister Satellite Bottle of poison
12:19 Slam Cartel Wishing Eye
12:24 Sounds From Wednesday Off My Track
12:27 Starkett Levee How Many
12:31 Sterling Fox Freak Caroline
12:36 Tom Rhodes Dull Razor
12:40 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
12:44 Town Crier Alive
12:48 don ewaldo power sourse
12:52 frankie(n) The right people
12:57 Greg Brown & the Texas 1836 Band Lone Star Hangover
1:00 The Lady anoNYMous Waltz With Lilith (Claim)
1:06 Under The Tongue Dreams Are Like
1:09 Vardis The Knowledge
1:14 Violet Mary Breathe In Deep
1:19 Warhead Rising Dangerous
1:24 Andy Newton Those Fine And Good Blues
1:28 Aroze Shadows In
1:32 Exzavier Whitley Drifting Away
1:35 Febria Water
1:40 Illicitizen Needle (2013 Single Ver)
1:44 IRIS Corporation HeartH
1:49 Paul Christopher Only Time
1:53 Jason Damico Hold Me A Little Closer
1:56 Jay Woodward Sparrow's Song
2:00 John Ludi Crucified
2:04 Mateo Stevens Bien Candela
2:06 Mayhem & Me Ribs
2:12 Midwest Soul Xchange The Return
2:13 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
2:17 MM3 R.O.K.
2:21 mojomakerz Sahara
2:26 Neil Warden Enchanted
2:30 Razors & Red Flags Evil Engineer
2:35 Rick Winow Learn How To Fall
2:38 Ricky Gray & The Bank Of Art In The Arms Of Mother Nature
2:42 Dan McCarthy Firefly
2:44 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
2:47 Riff Reign Got My Eyes On You
2:51 Rocker Drive
2:55 Silent Stranger Silent Stranger