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Cornelious Horn
In January 2015, i released my first single "Going Blind".
I quickly became one of the featured artist`s at "Whoisthesinger" and still is.
I am working alone in this project to represent my personality, musical influence and hopefully my songwriting skills.
I was 17 when i first started to play instruments. I think my learning path was more fun than the typical knowledge income that is normal for musicians. I still don`t really know notes or a lot of theory musicians should know, i just play and listen. Hopefully by that, i would know when something sounds really really bad??? :-o
What`s happening right now?
Other than regularly playing and producing music in a music program, i also play electric bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and piano. In my pile of ideas and halfmade songs in different genres, i work frequently to create the missing pieces my releases needs. The single "Goal Seeker" will be released as Radio Edit, Instrumental and Original version. Hopefully it will fit perfectly for people who seek general motivation to reach some goals, either on a physical or a psychic level.
So far, i played for fun, learned randomly and still does.
I`m not the typical musician that masters one single instrument perfectly, instead i know hopefully enough about the instruments i need, as long as i don`t need to teach someone the theory. 8-)
Lately, i have been working mostly with my vocals and it feels like my neighbours probably believe that i am not myself anymore. After all... Practice singing does not always sound like singing. X-D
My hope is that my efforts will visualize through my releases.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Warhead Rising ALBUM: Rise from the Ashes
10:09 Cornelious Horn Goal Seeker
10:12 The Daisy Heaves Dream Machines
10:18 Heather VanSaint Promised Land
10:22 AirCrash Detectives Sweet Christine
10:26 AirCrash Detectives All Out Of Tears
10:29 Casimir Greenfield Red House
10:33 Derek King Beautiful in Blue
10:38 Drama Duo after Anglerfish
10:42 MURAT SES Chunk of Earth
10:46 Ophiuco Figurato
10:50 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:53 The Stunt People Grindstone
10:57 T Dawn Someone Different
11:02 Year of October Something Gone Wrong 
11:05 Mayhem & Me Look Before You Leap
11:09 Lisa Brigantino I Gotta' Find Me Somethin'
11:11 Violet Mary Above the Crowd
11:18 Bedrokk Angels or Demons
11:20 Mateo Stevens Back In Town
11:24 Michael Tiffany The Way It Was 
11:29 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
11:33 The Minerals Ball Of String
11:36 MM3 Standing By The Window
11:40 The Project Hypachoi
11:43 Razors & Red Flags Ghost Town
11:47 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A)
11:53 Sista Jean and CB House Of The Rising Sun 
11:57 tiny cuts Neon Bridge
12:01 Toby Poynter A New Beginning
12:06 Tough Old Bird Gambling Days
12:11 The Altoonas Casa Cueva No. 9
12:14 Andy Newton Providence Rain
12:18 Bedrokk Breakout
12:22 Falcon Down Mannequin 
12:26 Hardwicke Circus Walda
12:31 Icicle The Angels Forgot How To Fly
12:37 Jessica s Theme Band Everything Goes
12:40 Josh Stone Finally  
12:46 Julie Lamb Attitude Decayed
12:51 Losfer Words Lazy Summer Sun
12:55 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:59 Luna Rin The Assassin
1:02 Megan Landry Human Leather
1:05 Michael Daughtry Sidewinder
1:08 Midnight Mosaic Outside The Lines
1:12 Modern King Mata Hari
1:16 My Cruel Goro Crapford
1:18 Paul Christopher Lying Low
1:22 The Nigel Purcell Trio I've got a penguin
1:25 Paradox Free as a Bird
1:30 Paul Gargiulo Band Graveyard Tale
1:34 Peppina Time Standing Still
1:37 Phil Cooper Stepping Off the Edge
1:41 Predestined Hey Hey Victoria
1:45 Dan McCarthy Crazy Sun
1:48 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:55 Razors & Red Flags Undead Affair