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Matt Steady and Darren Ellis
This song is about the collapse of the British shipyards seen through the eyes of one family. It is a collaboration between Matt Steady @mattstoicsteady and Darren Ellis @darrenellisone. Drums by Niklas J. Blixt @niklasjblixt

'Steel and Rust' was written and recorded and gigged in a single day - the first collaboration between Matt Steady and Darren Ellis.

Living in the shadow of the ship yard
Stevie's living day by day
The ships have left and the hours have gone
Gonna have to find another way

His family knows it's a matter of time
Before he has to up and leave
He promises them that they'll be all right
Just got to sit tight and believe

Steel and rust
Faith and trust

He hugs them in turn while the bus waits on
Farewells by the side of the road
He smiles as he speaks to his eldest child
You're the man of the house now son

The road and the dust
Faith and trust

After 15 long years of letters
He always imagined her smile
As the paycheck arrives and the bills are paid
This love ain't weakened by the miles

He sends them tickets to join him at last
The paper is marked by tears
Time changes people but they stay the same
A family after all these years

Steel and rust
Faith and trust

released March 28, 2016
Written and performed by Matt Steady and Darren Ellis.
Drums by Niklas J. Blixt.
Produced, mixed, mastered by Matt Steady in Leicester.
all rights reserved

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