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Stephen Babcock
Born and raised in New Hartford, New York and now residing in New York City, Stephen began playing guitar at the age of 15 after hearing John Mayer’s “Room For Squares.” Since then, he has continued to craft his skills as a singer-songwriter; recording and performing a catalog of original music, including two EPs and one fulllength LP. Stephen's new album titled "Said & Done" was released on February 27, 2016. The new LP draws on inspiration from his time in the southern United States as well as pop and Americana styles.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Three Fourteen Three Fourteen EP
9:16 Stephen Babcock Someday
9:20 Stephen Babcock Tightrope
9:24 Dubvocaliza WHAT KIND OF WORLD
9:29 DuesterLust Next Level Racism
9:33 John Reed Guns
9:36 John Reed Night
9:39 TIM TOZ Into the Ether
9:43 Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns Cabin Fever
9:48 AirCrash Detectives Take Your Place In The Sun
9:52 Casimir Greenfield Keeping The Wolf From The Door
9:54 Derek King Summer Rain (single edit)
9:56 Drama Duo after Anglerfish
10:00 Forge The Rubicon Forever you
10:04 MURAT SES Chunk of Earth
10:08 New Revival Patrick Swayze
10:11 Ophiuco Desert
10:14 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light
10:24 Riff Reign Been A Long Time
10:28 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention
10:32 The Stunt People The Station
10:36 T Dawn Someone Different
10:41 AirCrash Detectives Right Now
10:46 Year of October Winter
10:52 Tom Rhodes Moses
10:55 Veil Unknown Just
10:59 Ambiance Evolution Yellow Bossanova
11:04 Dawn Gazers Killer Whale
11:07 Burning Astronomers Waiting On The Line
11:09 The Weird and The Wonderful A Million Lies
11:15 The Clock Spiders Tough Love Ambrose
11:20 Falcon Down Garden Gate 
11:24 Julie Lamb I Wanna Go To The Sun
11:29 The Nigel Purcell Trio Flight 19
11:34 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today
11:39 Three Left Stand Up
11:42 Three Left Let Me Go
11:45 Byron Siren Generations
11:52 Emily Browne Strangest Places
11:56 Flemt Baby Come On
12:00 Flowers in Syrup Gravity Attraction
12:05 Folkwood Songbird
12:08 Icicle U-Turn
12:13 IT God Is Dead
12:16 Jason Wells Tear Down These Walls
12:19 Jeff Campbell Like a Glove
12:23 Jessica s Theme Band Matter of Time
12:27 Julie Lamb I'll Never Do It Again
12:30 Lewisland Make Me A Believer
12:34 Megan Landry Paper
12:37 Michael Reynolds Red Light
12:40 Michael Reynolds Your Life 
12:44 The Midnight Gig The Modern Way
12:46 Paul Christopher Lying Low
12:50 Midwest Soul Xchange Occupy the Piper
12:53 The Nigel Purcell Trio Leave
12:56 Operation Neptune Spear Prime Time
1:00 Russell Foisy Two Feet on the Ground
1:03 Sian Hoskin Nashville Girl
1:13 Paul Christopher Only Time
1:20 TanyaMae Middle Child
1:26 Tempest Rising Know My Name
1:31 Tom Rhodes Cold and Deep
1:34 Dan McCarthy The Shell of a Man
1:38 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:41 Trauma The price to pay
1:45 Victor Snow Fading Dream
1:49 Violet Mary Falling Down
1:53 The Watanabes Whales Can Sing
1:55 The Weird and The Wonderful Nothing