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Last Featured on this show April 5, 2016

William Poyer
is a singer/ songwriter with a genuine attention to the craft. William left his native UK in 2013 on a journey of discovery, looking to hone a sound that was unique to him. Three years of living in Mexico helped him find the the sound he was searching for and during this period he developed the stunning collection of songs that would go on to become his debut album. A successful kick-starter campaign helped William to fund the journey home to his native Wales to work with lifelong friend and producer Gethin Woolcock. The influence of William's time in Mexico is clearly heard in his songs, debut album 'Born Lucky' conjures up an atmosphere for the listener that is part-intimate, part-escapist & all-engrossing. William's songs have been described as a blend of real life storytelling with an honest and enthralling sensibility. Driving rhythms and melodic hooks, the sound of Americana from a boy from Wales via Mexico.
Grounded by real life experiences and melodic truths William describes his songs as “an opportunity to tell stories from the perspectives that interest me”.
Sofar Sounds Mexico
"William was the only performer on the bill playing without a full band, yet due to the distinct use of his voice and guitar you wouldn’t have noticed. Watching the veins in his neck swell as he sung his opening line, asking to be taken to Memphis, his music conveyed great emotion through its storytelling. The guitar chords, which often resemble a ballad of the old American West, transported us to Poyers’ world, so much so that the audience wouldn't allow him to say goodbye without asking for one last piece."
Blog: Reality is over
"I went down to Lights of Soho for my first gig of 2016 with John Flannery and Zozo of Shoreditch Radio's Art Speak programme, who had kindly invited me along to the event. Two of the performers I had heard of, Our man in the field and Gabrielle Moreno, and two I hadn't come across, William Poyer and Kit Day. It was the kind of night that encapsulates the beauty, and makes you so very appreciative, of the London music scene. Pure talent, passion and genuity created an extremely warm atmosphere throughout the evening.
First up was singer songwriter, William Poyer. The songs, the voice, the guitar playing were all an example of an extremely accomplished musician. Minimalism that showed a confidence in creating an authentic country blues atmosphere, with great skill evident throughout that complimented the natural talent. A great start to the night."
South West Fest
"Fresh back from a long tour of Mexico, William Poyer writes honest and enthralling Americana. His debut album due to be released in April 2016. Go get it now and see him play, you won’t be disappointed. “

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Dear Life I Love You Long Time EP
9:36 William Poyer Fell The Truth
9:41 Ambiance Evolution Water's Edge
9:46 Genuine Crude My America
9:49 AirCrash Detectives Shock Therapy
9:54 AirCrash Detectives The Devil Made Me Do It
9:59 Casimir Greenfield Poison Pen
10:03 Derek King A Decade Full of Dreams
10:08 Drama Duo after Anglerfish
10:12 Forge The Rubicon Going Down
10:16 Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns Cabin Fever
10:20 New Revival Patrick Swayze
10:23 Ophiuco Pneumatic Psyco Bodhidharma
10:32 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:35 Riff Reign Been A Long Time
10:39 Sonny Hunter Times in Life
10:42 The Stunt People The Warden
10:46 T Dawn Crash Down
10:52 Dawn Gazers I fall, I fall, I fall
10:55 Burning Astronomers House On The Hill
10:57 Three Left Face Turned Black
11:00 Emily Browne Somewhere Elsewhere In Time
11:03 Kuhl Don't Look Down
11:06 The Midnight Gig The Midnight Gig
11:09 Russell Foisy I've Never Been Down
11:13 The Watanabes London 2009
11:17 The Weird and The Wonderful Highway
11:23 Andrew Adkins May the Stars Fall At Your Door
11:27 Baznguitar Dependable Man
11:30 Blind Fret Run 
11:34 Brother Neil Twenty Past Four
11:37 Byron Siren Scratching Off Hearts
11:40 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me
11:48 Dez Rocket Strobe Light Eye
11:52 Disappearer Force Of Gravity/Slow Falling Elevator
11:57 Flowers in Syrup Bartender
12:02 Folkwood Born In Sorrow
12:06 half a kite ft georgia paris kepler186b
12:12 Hell s Belles Troubled Times
12:15 Hotel On Mars Want What You Want
12:18 Icicle Ready To Steer
12:22 IT Killing Me
12:26 Jason Cudmore Go away devil
12:29 Jeff Campbell No One Keeping Score
12:33 Jessica s Theme Band My Faith in You
12:38 Julie Lamb A Little Shut Eye
12:41 Matt Steady The roamer
12:45 Megan Landry Yellow At A Funeral
12:47 The Midnight Gig Skyline
12:49 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:53 The Nigel Purcell Trio For Julia
12:55 Oni O Neill The Smell of Spring
12:59 Paul Maged Diamonds and Demons
1:02 Phil Butta MORPHINE
1:06 PORTABLE HIGH wont ya
1:11 Rayner4musiC Solace in Wings
1:14 Paul Christopher Lying Low
1:18 Russell Foisy Border War
1:21 Wicked Saints Roll With The Changes
1:26 7th Order Lazarus
1:30 Andrew Taylor Rolling Along
1:34 Atomicana Lost in Her Name
1:38 Dan McCarthy My Fathers House
1:41 Brother Neil Saugeen River Moan
1:43 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:47 Flowers in Syrup Getting Closer
1:50 Folkwood Where Did It Go