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Last Featured on this show April 8, 2016

Ambiance Evolution
Ambiance Evolution is thrilled to announce the first single from our upcoming album: Water’s Edge. Water’s Edge is a slow rock, feel-good song about summer and taking a chance on a new love. You can purchase it Here. Starting tomorrow, the single album will be featured in two different places in CDBaby’s STYLE/GENRE GALLERIES: 756 and 139, Official Video

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Jamie Slate Another Saturday EP
9:17 Ambiance Evolution Water's Edge
9:22 Jack Conman Supress The Rest
9:25 New Image we got the night
9:29 Paper City Exile Still Smiling
9:32 AirCrash Detectives I Like The Way
9:37 Casimir Greenfield Not Dead Yet
9:41 Derek King I May
9:45 Drama Duo after reign and detain
9:49 Forge The Rubicon Runaway
9:58 Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns Cabin Fever
10:02 MURAT SES Chunk of Earth
10:06 New Revival S.T.A.Y 
10:09 The Nigel Purcell Trio Debt
10:11 Ophiuco Stress is a Killer
10:15 The Pieces of Mind Night Time Is The Right Time
10:24 Riff Reign Been A Long Time
10:28 roger bockus midnight
10:32 Sonny Hunter Times in Life
10:35 The Stunt People The Station
10:39 T Dawn My Words
10:43 roger bockus ensemble
10:47 Emily Browne She Crazy
10:50 Kuhl Funky Drag
10:53 Blind Fret Blister Blues
10:58 Derecho  Survive
11:00 Sal  Cosentino While I Cry
11:04 Sergeant Six Loveletters
11:07 7th Order Powderkeg
11:10 Barley Station Double Star
11:14 Byron Siren Our Mistakes On The Floor
11:16 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
11:19 Carlos Wilde What Can I Say
11:22 Chandler Juliet Someone Like You
11:27 Charlie O'Malley Crash bang Down
11:31 Flemt In My Dreams
11:36 Frank Palangi I Am Ready
11:40 J.A.R.S. Big Bang.
11:43 James M Carson Visitor 23
11:47 Jeff Campbell So Down On
11:50 Lisbon Soul Love in Reverse
11:54 Luis Drayton Look Inside
11:58 The Midnight Gig Take A Walk With Me
12:02 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:05 Paul Maged Look At Me
12:09 PORTABLE HIGH Hole In The Ground
12:13 Radio Drive Humanity
12:18 Rayner4musiC Rhythm Song
12:19 Rob Phillimore HERE I 
12:23 Silhouette Cities Enough
12:27 3 Rivers Monk-ey
12:34 Slam Cartel Maybe Sometimes
12:40 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
12:44 Sonder Downfall (of america)
12:47 Sundodger Tunnel Vision
12:53 Tom Rhodes Connection of Minds
12:58 The Lady anoNYMous Wrong Pocket Kinda Day
1:03 Truman peculiar
1:07 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:10 The Watanabes Ice Age
1:13 The Weird and The Wonderful Time Machine
1:17 Blind Fret Flood of Tears
1:22 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:30 Disappearer Vanishing Point
1:34 The Disfavoured Party ION
1:38 Flemt The Time Has Come
1:43 Folkwood  Way Down
1:47 Frantic Jack Soar
1:52 Gashunters Sparkles
1:55 Glen Ross I Scream