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The Chitlins
Hailing from the home state of the blues (Mississippi), in a day of midi synths, electronic music, backing tracks and auto tune. The Chitlins take a back to the basics approach to their brand of musik. The recipe? Do not add artificial ingredients. Start with a few pounds of raw, bluesy guitar riffs and 3 tight rhythm section. Then add in a pinch of edgy lead guitar solos. Throw In a generous portion of genuinely killer vocals, with catchy lyrics then add smooth harmonics to taste. Keep it rather simple. Make it easy, fun to play and fun to hear. Then serve it up piping hot. We call it, southern fried boogie blues. “Come git you some” as we Say down here in the south. more...

Blues rock band from South Mississippi.
First single from upcoming album due out late spring 2016.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 From The Balcony All birds fly to the south EP
9:18 The Chitlins Down on me
9:22 Alpha Six Romeo Want it Back
9:26 Richard Beckholt I Got No Reason
9:29 A Blue Flame 21st Century Blues
9:33 AirCrash Detectives Sweet Christine
9:37 David D. Stewart The Backwoods
9:41 Forge The Rubicon The Vector
9:50 John Reed The Drovers Trail
9:54 The Nigel Purcell Trio Want
9:56 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:03 Riff Reign Special Lady
10:07 Riff Reign Flashback
10:12 roger bockus bobby jean
10:15 roger bockus ensemble
10:19 Sonny Hunter Anxious
10:21 The Stunt People The Warden
10:26 T Dawn In My Dreams
10:29 Kuhl Zsa Zsa (for Craig)
10:34 Derecho  Lost in Winter
10:38 Icicle Manic Panic
10:41 3 Rivers 50s
10:47 The Brake Brothers Band Dangerous Minds
10:52 The Boulton Brothers Band I Had A Dream
10:59 dead flowers shotdown 44
11:04 Disappearer Bag Of Bones
11:07 The Disfavoured Party One Of Many
11:12 Flemt Dreamgirl
11:16 Folkwood Heaven
11:21 Jupiter In Velvet Turning Electric
11:25 Lexi Scherr Honey
11:29 Matt Steady Wherever you go
11:34 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light
11:39 The Midnight Gig Play You All Day
11:43 Tom Rhodes California
11:46 The Watanabes Katsudon
11:51 Wicked Saints Anything Could Happen
11:56 Wild Ride Squeaky Wheel
12:01 World Vs. World The Beat of The Alpha
12:05 XOVA 9 Lives
12:08 Monica Dupont Try To Find Another Man
12:13 Elena Maro Sea Sun Sky and Sand
12:16 The Lady anoNYMous An Arcane Son
12:22 Yesterday The Faces Are Never The Same
12:27 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:30 The Quinch Experiment Never Look Back
12:35 Warlock Texas Name Your Poison
12:38 7th Order 100 Year Rain (live)
12:41 Akoustic Odyssey Jolly Roger
12:45 American Beauties Miles From Nowhere
12:50 Barley Station Like Destiny
12:53 Paul Christopher Lying Low
12:57 Brian Living The Dream
1:01 Color Out Ghosts
1:05 Dead Pollys Get Yer Facts Right
1:07 Folkwood Gypsy Moon
1:10 Kris D Marsden Dull Refined
1:13 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:17 Lee Gilbert Soar
1:21 Luna Highway Hypnotise
1:26 The Marbles Jackson All The Best Things
1:30 Matt Steady Skógr
1:33 Michael S. Hennessey Only TIme can Tell
1:40 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying
1:43 The Muggs Applecart Blues
1:48 Overdose Riding to the groove
1:51 Paul Maged Not Complicated
1:53 Phil Butta TEXAS
1:56 Poynte Take Control