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Last Featured on this show April 19, 2016

333 (three thirty threes) is the collaborative songwriting duo of Toronto-area artists Graeme Bulmer and Chris Mathany.
Bulmer's busy melodic bass lines play harmonically against Mathany's always rhythmic and occasionally sparse guitar work to create lush musical soundscapes under Mathany's pop-edged vocals.
The incorporation of non-linear rhythms and unconventional world music elements like Burundi drums and tablas lend an added dimension of industrial and electronica to the overall sound.
The sound of 333's music can be compared to many popular rock acts of the past 50 years. Some of the more obvious parallels drawn have been: The Beatles, Lenny Kravitz, CAKE, Cream, The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones,
Radiohead, The Black Keys, and The Raconteurs just to name a few.
333's music doesn't preach, but it does promote positive and healthy means of interacting with the world outside of oneself and a spiritual, non-religious thread that binds us all as people. It tries to transcend man-made boundaries and appeal to the humanity in us all. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it does walk a line between different genres of music in an attempt to bring people together.

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(PST) Artist Name
9:00 Guns of the Seneca ALBUM: Citizens of the Universe
9:43 333 Green
9:46 A Blue Flame 21st Century Blues
9:51 AirCrash Detectives Save Me From Your God
9:55 Forge The Rubicon The Vector
10:04 John Reed Peat
10:08 The Nigel Purcell Trio Cecil the lion
10:11 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:19 Riff Reign Flashback
10:23 Riff Reign Special Lady
10:27 roger bockus cheating around
10:34 roger bockus ensemble
10:37 Sonny Hunter Times in Life
10:41 T Dawn In My Dreams
10:44 Icicle The Edge On Which We Run
10:48 From The Balcony Zdaj nosis se eno srce
10:52 Swamp Music Players Devil's Toothpick
10:55 Des Mondo Straw into Gold
10:58 The Wyle Band Freedom's Calling
11:01 The Boulton Brothers Band It's Not Over For Me
11:08 Dead Pollys Call It Freedom
11:12 IRIS Corporation Brain Wave
11:18 JD Allan The Wolf
11:21 John Ludi I Was Never Here
11:26 The Marbles Jackson What Remains
11:28 Prince Charman Chosen Few
11:32 Rainchild Watershed
11:36 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light
11:41 Monica Dupont Shakin' The Sheets
11:44 Sasser Rhyme and Reason
11:48 Daniel Ross Do what you gotta do
11:50 Sirens Harbor We Are The Dancers
11:54 Static Fires Waste My Time
11:57 Valkyre Béziers
12:01 XOVA R Generation G Corp Dub
12:06 1195PM Drug Oriented 
12:12 AandL Onto The next Heart
12:15 Ace Doggett Angel In My Bed
12:20 Audiolepsia Vigilante
12:25 Bad Seasons Finest Hour
12:28 Barry International Teaser
12:31 BLOCK 33 The Eye The Hurricane
12:36 The Boulton Brothers Band Noodle
12:42 The Brazen Burn it Down
12:50 Dan McB Lost and Found
12:55 Paul Christopher Only Time
12:58 EVERLIT Black Out
1:02 The Grimps We re The Grimps
1:04 Guy Leroux  All The Way to Hell 
1:09 Hermano Lobo Marlowe
1:14 IRIS Corporation HeartH
1:18 Paul Christopher Lying Low
1:22 John Cubbin something strange about
1:27 John Ludi The Ground
1:34 Mabel Greer s Toyshop Electric Funeral
1:40 Matt Steady Music
1:43 Morgan s Road Stay
1:48 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide
1:52 Jan Henrik Vuyk In Memory Of
1:56 Dead Pollys Marching Boots