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The Battles of Winter - "Love's White Thread"
With a successful debut album 'Standing At The Floodgates' - various live shows, and a growing fan base - the band heard the calling for a new album. Love's White Thread is the first release from the forthcoming album 'At Once With Tattered Sails' and finds the band reflecting on voices and faces long since passed, fragments of memory and "feelings thought lost". A military drumbeat sits atop an almost Stereolab-like repetitive bass line before both are usurped by lead singer Alistair Gale's deadpan vocal. The real show stopping moment however comes in the form of Lucas Manley's howling guitar as the song's third act erupts and then collapses in a heap of noise.
At Once With Tattered Sails is the follow up to Standing At The Floodgates, the debut album released to critical acclaim in 2014. Where Standing At The Floodgates beat down your door to show off it's muscles, At Once With Tattered Sails by contrast is a more menacing, covert and underhand affair. From the harmonizing feedback and resilient drums of the opening track, through to the epic album closer there is a dark underbelly where voices quiver and guitars squall.
Formed some time ago in London but now geographically divorced, this four piece play 'dramatic', 'complex' and 'expansive' post punk / indie rock which is both subtle and aggressive. They have been mentioned in the same breathe as the likes of Wire, Echo and the Bunnymen and Interpol and have played as support to Neil Young and The National at Hyde Park.
Alistair Gale (vocals/guitar)
Lucas Manley (guitar/effects)
Graeme Dinning (bass)
Martin Good (drums)

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