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Last Featured on this show May 21, 2016

The Beginning - "Barefoot thru hell", "The Sad Man"
A fun guy to be around. Talented and Versatile Songwriter, Performer and Showman. Touring the World Performing, Writing, Recording and Perfecting the Art of Music Making.
Has currently been Blessed with working as an Extra Background Actor in a new PBS Hit Television Show "Indian Summers" Starring some amazing Talent.

ORIGINAL IS the First Format as a songwriter, then Commercial.
Selling 1,000's of Streams, Spins, and Downloads, and touching just over 1 million views, Melekai Joe has been able to support the Touring Lifestyle.

Currently Melekai Joe is Helping Young and Aspiring songwriters to create their own works, as well as gain exposure and experience.

USVI, Puerto Rico, USA, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Spain, Italy, Austria, Amsterdam, Prague, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Many States and Islands Melekai Joe has performed and Lived For the past 13 years. 9 Years Living on a Catamaran on the Tour.. Tour Of Destiny 2013 was kicked off and is on the current agenda. Check out more than just one sight, for Info, and Different sounds..

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