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Jason Cudmore - "Peace Love & Happiness"
Jason is a musician of many style .
My Addiction -Straight up Rock N Roll - Released a 4 song ep
Sister Satellite -Rock , Hard Rock Released a 6 song album
Songs Caught my eye and Bottle of Poison were on rotation Krock Radio (PEI) and many others from around the world …
The Daze - Rock , Punk , Metal - Released 10 songs And 2 Videos .
Drag me down was played on Krock Radio (PEI) and many others from around the world
Video Drag me down and Dancing in the sunlight .Produced by Jason …
Jason Cudmore -Soulful Rock Songwriter/Singer … …
Released 15 plus songs written ,record ,mixed, produced by Jason
Songs played on Radio Stations around the world
15 plus videos produced by Jason
Collaborated ,Recorded , Produced , Mixed (Blows my mind) with MC Collins R&B Singer/Songwriter from Kaduna, NG
Collaborated with Rapper Axe Ruler from New Brunswick on his song Crazy is Contagious
Newest release is Death and Bones
Watch video here …
Jason is working on new songs and writing a metal album .
Jason has played in many cover bands
Two of the most popular are JF Lovely and Mudder Trucker
Thanks for listening
Keep a ear open for the
Self Titled Album - Nothing left but to try
Listen to my songs here … … …
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