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The Almighty Man Band - "Turn Out The Lights"
Taking its name from The Temptations' song “Law of the Land”, The Almighty Man Band is the musical moniker and stage name of Cardiff musician and singer/songwriter Richard Davies.
Supported by a collection of assorted musicians his music and sound draws on influences ranging from Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young through to Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen. The Debut Album “Close Enough to Touch” is produced by Charlie Francis and features notable performances from James Walbourne (The Rails) and Jack Eggleston (Future of the Left) and evokes memories of lost summer nights, heartbreak and road trips.
A meeting with producer Charlie Francis in late 2011 ushered in a new phase in conceptual and material development of The Almighty Man Band’s life. The debut album “Close Enough to Touch” features contributions from various musicians whose talent and influence bring an authenticity and familiarity to the band’s feel and sound.
The first album “Close Enough to Touch” was released in 2015 and evokes memories of lost summer nights, heartbreak and road-trips. The track ‘Turn Out The Lights’, described on ReverbRoom as being “ easylistening as a birdsong and as catchy as a cold", is from the aforementioned album

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