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BAMIL - "Far From Over"
BAMIL (born April 5,1969) is a Puerto Rican Recording Artist, ASCAP Member, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Music Arranger and Sound Engineer. BAMIL has released 9 official CD's. 'Una Puerta Al Corazon' (2009), 'The Message' (2010), 'Carta De Amor' (2011), 'Bamil Biggest Greatest' (2011), 'The Joy Of Life' (2012), 'The Joy Of Life-Lite' (2013), 'Sentimientos Encontrados' (2013), 'B-Force' (2014), 'H34RT + 50UL' (2015) and 'Haunted By Circles' (2016). He has penned songs for artists like Carolina Ghigliazza, Missy Guthrie, Julia Cristal and Franscesca La Voz. BAMIL songs can be listened at reverbnation, YouTube, ourstage (profile), soundcloud and indiemusicworks. Also airplay on Radio Internacional Florida, GAC Radio Show, Hot Mix 106, Belter Radio, Mixposure Radio, Jango Radio Airplay, Museboat Radio and Splash Radio. On January 1st, 2014 BAMIL released his CD 'B-Force' (2014) delivering his hit 'Things Of Life' including its official video on YouTube. 'Things Of Life' Already awarded Top 40 song on the Ourstage Rock Chart for the month of January 2014 and in March 2014 went 3 times #1 and 1 time #2 on the Loop Radio Top 30 Chart. Also its video was on TheIndie.Biz on the #1 spot for 8 weeks in a row on the Rock Music Video Chart.
The song 'Aroma A Primavera' (Smell Like Spring) earned top 40 song on the Ourstage Latin Chart for 8 months in a row and also Winner of The Akademia Music Awards Best Song In October 2015 Latin Music. On March 2015 the song 'Smile' won Best Songwriting in the 2014 Mixposure Radio Music Awards. 'Love Is Where You Are' from CD 'H34RT + 50UL' went 2 times #1 and 2 times #2 on the Loop Radio Top 30 Chart in March 2015. On March 2015, 'If There's A Space In Your Heart' went 2 month in a row Top 40 on the Ourstage Country Music Chart. BAMIL is the winner of The Akademia Music Awards on May 2015 for his song 'SMILE' for Best Song, Also win Best Latin Song with 'Aroma A Primavera' (Smell Like Spring) on October 2015 and Best Acoustic Rock with 'Stranger To Your Heart' on December 2015.

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