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Last Featured on this show August 29, 2016

Max And The Ducks - “Blacksmith Mould” by Max and the Ducks starts the fall´s music season with power!
August 31st Max and the Ducks release their new song “Blacksmith Mould”. The powerful melody and Niina-Maria Kemppainen`s strong performance as a soloist singer make your blood run faster!
Blacksmith Mould Lyrics are always important and the heart for all the songs by Max and the Ducks. They get their inspiration from everyday life, what´s happening in the world and from their roots in Finland. Blacksmith Mould is based on the traditional Finnish story Kalevala but it´s message is still relevant today. The blacksmith Ilmarinen forges for himself a bride of gold and silver, but do the worldly goods bring real happiness?
Lyrics – Marcos Kuusjärvi Melody – Niina-Maria Kemppainen, Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen Musicians- Tapio Leppä, Heikki Viinamäki and Erkki Kaikkonen CD cover – painting by Ellinoora Saario “ Repressed”

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