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SOMERDALE - "Waiting For You", "The Coolest Kid In The Room"
The FDR Label is proud to announce the release of the long-awaited new
SOMERDALE album "Shake it Maggie."
SOMERDALE’s third full length album features 11 insanely catchy, meticulously crafted, hook-filled, sing-a-long tunes.
Based in the heart of Southern New Jersey,
SOMERDALE cleverly combines the introspective songwriting of Badfinger, the frenetic energy of The Who, the gorgeous harmonies of The Beatles and the quirky playfulness of Fountains of Wayne, and ends up with what you might expect - a very fun, very catchy, slice of well-crafted 70s-tinged pop music.
"Shake it Maggie" is receiving
great international reviews:
This sort of 70's Medium Wave Territory is something I spend a lot of time listening to and trust me, I know my stuff. I also get to listen to a lot more badly done stuff than good. "Shake It Maggie" has been the biggest surprise for me for a long time. It's fantastic... when I tell you that this is the best thing I've heard in ages, you can trust that remark.
"Shake It Maggie" is, it's a superb listen and right up my street. I read that they've released two albums before this, I'm just sorry I missed them, because this album is fantastic.
-Don Valentine (I Don't Hear A Single)
Somerdale's new album opens with ethereal harmonies that gives me chills of excitement. Classic power pop songs that follow are so much fun! -Lazlo
Nothing like good, old-fashioned, no frills Power Pop to turn that frown upside down! Kudos guys! You’re truly Jersey Strong! Can’t say enough about this one! GREAT!! -
Ray Gianchetti (Kool Kat Musik)
SOMERDALE’s 2011 release Brighter Than Before received rave reviews. Right away you get the feeling Somerdale spent a lot of time with old school power pop and rock records…. The opening track “That’s Over Now” sounds like it fell off a classic Raspberries album. …
You gotta love the beautiful opening chords and harmonies on “Sugar Valley, CA” as the chorus recalls The Byrds and Sloan. The guitar gets even heavier … on “We Are All Together.” It brings to mind KISS minus the makeup and with an even catchier chorus. -
An engaging blend of Bubblegum, Garage Rock, a hint of Psychedelia, and Power Pop. Penza's voice is as sweet as ever, and as songwriters, they continue to turn out clever, catchy, hummable melodies. This disc belongs in the home of everyone who cares about power pop. The harmonies and the arrangements still kill!
-Max Humphries

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