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Last Featured on this show September 27, 2016

Tony Rybka -
"When We Get Old", "Long Lonely Night", "Uglier Than I Am"

“Hello Tony, I'm Rachell. Listening to WHEN WE GET OLD...yup...I can hear your bones creaking LOL! So tell does such a sad song make me feel so good?! I love this song and can't wait to listen to your other tracks...your voice is so easy...great guitar picking...much talent going on in Cleveland!”
“Hi Tony Congratulations on being a Featured Band! We really dig "How High is The Sky". We are glad we found you!” - IMRadio
“I’m loving your cd as much as I thought I would. Your music is intoxicating - romantic sometimes, nostalgic in places, the images evocative. The lyrics are pure poetry, but poetry that rolls out easily and doesn’t try too hard. The singing is powerful, the chord changes just right, all the talent top-notch. I can identify with these songs, feel like I’ve lived them... ” - RM from Austin, TX,
“Tony great mate good vocals, loved it great lyrics beat rythme. Just great mate God bless you from London” - CM from London

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