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Last Featured on this show October 16, 2016

The Puss Puss Band -
"Perfect World"

The Puss Puss Band are a two piece mainly studio based outfit although we do have a few more musicians we keep in a cupboard for live work.
We are based in South Wales but have been gigging musicians under various guises and genres for quite a few years.
We write, arrange, record/mix all our material ourselves...we're musicians...and subsequently poor ...obviously!
What do we sound like?....what genre do we play?...that dreaded question... ..if we're honest (which we are to a fault) we'd say we really aren't sure? In fact we'd love to know what you'd call it? Sometimes a bit jazzy, bit, bluesy, bit pop, bit...oh we don't know...we just go where the song takes us and try not to think about that.
Asa Galeozzie; Drums/Percussion, Rhythm guitars, Piano, Bass, melodica, backing vocals Lee Pugh; Lead & rhythm guitars, Bass, Piano, Vocals
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