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Lance Glass - "Trapped "
Lance Glass is a home spun artist with quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Promoting his first record "Ladysman" a very cool Chill Out Rock Record with an LG twist.Trained in record production by the late great Charles Mellone Jr. A&M record producer for such acts as Green Day, Culture Club, Stevie Wounder, Jerry Williams, Glen Campbell, Amy Grant, and more. Lance collaborated with Charles on " Do I need a reason " and "Silently I Scream" first and last songs of album. Lance said, "It only seemed right to start an finish the record with Chuck's final works". Lance banged around the Hollywood music scene in and out of bands looking for the "Sound" as he calls it before deciding to do his first solo record. With the intent of doing whole record with producer Mellone and his Malibu Beach Record label. That all ground to a halt when lung cancel took his friend and producer very unexpectedly. As time past and hearts healed Lance completed record self produced at Wild Spirit Studio's in Chatsworth, Ca. aided by top L.A. studio engineer David Apelt."It was a long and difficult process but was done with and for love", said Lance. "Time to make some videos and get into the second album" That's what Chuck would of wanted and we would be doing were he still with us".
Lance wants to thank Ronny Polito for putting the album art work together. "Ron's been a real God sen." "He is an ex Warner Bros. executive that has a real under standing of what it is to be an artist".
In closing I have enjoyed listening to the "Ladysman" album head to stern a dozen times now and I just keep finding new details I missed the play before. I highly recommend this album to all. W.L. Jennings reviewer

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