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The Good Wives - Lonely Again
The Good Wives; a Seattle-based, indie-rock quartet whose noisy, hook-filled guitars and infectious positive energy have been steadily captivating hearts in dive bars, theaters, and arcades across the Pacific Northwest. The East Portland Blog hails their “catchy, melodic pop tunes," while Alison from the indie-music blog Abduction Radiation declares, “their songs just make me want to dance.”
The Good Wives originated as lead singer Jacob Bruggman's solo project. After merging with local guitarists Nicholas Alexander and Shane Berg, the project quickly developed into a full-fledged band. Following the release of two notable EPs within two years, drummer Brent Nelson joined the trio solidifying the full line-up. Having recently finished recording their debut full-length record, Bruggman remarks, “it feels as if we’ve finally found our voice as a band.”
The confident, expansive sound of the upcoming full length Robot Island reflects the band’s new found voice in a big way. The most likely radio single “Lonely Again” brandishes an achingly beautiful guitar riff and evokes a yearning to start anew.
Bruggman’s distinctive vocals punctuate the unruly, fist-pumping anthem “Haul Us Off” as he enthuses, “let’s quit our jobs, take whatever we want, make some noise before they haul us off!” However it’s “Give it a Go” that is perhaps the most explosive track; hitting hard with a sonic force of frenzied guitars and drums before surrendering to a sigh, “being with you beats being alone.” Bruggman’s intentionally oblique lyrics never fail to lure the listener into his tenderly crafted world and make you feel like you belong there. The haunting and seductively hypnotic “Cause of Cavities” is a testimony to this as Bruggman softly implores, “tell me something so sticky sweet it rots holes right through my teeth.” And there is no doubt he is singing to you.
Robot Island is set to be released September 16, 2016, with the album release party taking place at The Central Saloon in Pioneer Square September 17th. The Good Wives couldn't be more excited about where they are at this very moment, “We just want to share our good times with other people.”

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