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Last Featured on this show December 1, 2016

REKHA - "Berlin's Wind"
For all who are eager to know, my debut album MILKY OCEAN released in CANADA on 10.15.05, and then internationally, just 6 days later under my very own independent label, IYERN [Fe] RECORDS CANADA, the memorable date being 10.21.05.

2008 was the prima start of my music career in terms of getting world wide digital distribution for my sizzling electric CD. All that awesome-ness happened via Europe's leading label, BELIEVE, located in Paris, FRANCE! If you'd like to purchase my album, you may choose to do the digital download thing by simply clicking on the following BELIEVE Digital Player Logo below, or visit my NEWS|LINKS|BUY A CD page to access iTunes, or your choice digital store.

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