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Ugly Melon - "Leave It All Behind"
UGLY MELON is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Toronto, Canada.
The band came together in 2014, when two childhood friends re-ignited their passion for hard rock music, and began writing songs together. Guitarist Lu Cachie, and Vocalist Tony La Selva are the creative force behind the band. They grew up in the Toronto area, and actually began their musical journey together in their first band over 20 years ago. A little older, and a lot more in touch with their musical direction, Lu and Tony are thrilled to be writing and performing together again. The name UGLY MELON comes from the ideal that the band is what it is, and there is no pretence. A real rock band, no BS. They wear their influences on their sleeves. Huge fans of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Led Zeppelin, you can hear traces in their sound of that by gone era, but there is certainly a modern feel to the music.
The band is about to release a video for 'Leave it all Behind', the first release from their upcoming EP. They were joined at the video shoot by two more members of their original teenage band. Franklyn Wyles on drums, and John Liberatore on bass guitar.
UGLY MELON will be doing some local gigs in the Toronto area this spring, which will culminate with an album release party in late summer.
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