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Last Featured on this show December 21, 2016

Gamma Ray Sam - "A Fine Name for Him"
Dom Bryan is the singer/songwriter with gamma ray sam, acclaimed alternative outfit continuing to win fans and garner praise.Bringing together old and new friends, scattered around his home town Liverpool and beyond, ideas and definite mutterings take shape in the form of recordings. (Blessed by the fact that most of his friends are great musicians).
Inspired by the sounds and songs of America’s continually emerging ‘alt country’ and ‘alt’ everything scene, and a belief in poetry and communication, the result is honest and not forged by fashion. Shawn Colvin, Wilco and Joan as Policewoman all fasten a place in the returned affection in this work. A debut album and EP already out there, ‘Well done Jessica’ hopes to just carry forward…
“A Short course in long term Happiness deserves to put Gamma Ray Sam in the same leagues as Richmond Fontaine, Wilco and Lambchop. Yes, its that good. One of those records that manages to sound like an instant classic the moment you first hear it, A SHORT COURSE IN LONG TERM HAPPINESS is an album that demands your attention. A brilliant debut from a band you owe it to yourself to listen to” – UK Music Search

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