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Peter Boulton
Album: The First Day...Peter Boulton
Peter is the writing force behind the renowned British Rock/Blues band 'The Boulton Brothers Band'. 'The First Day' is Peter's fourth solo album and sees him reaching new creative heights.
Multi Instrumentalist Peter writes, performs and records/produces all of his own very original songs. The songs uplift and inspire - combining a great tradition of British Pop/Rock and Blues with a new and exciting mix of layered textures which combine to produce a fresh and evocative mix.
'The First Day' charts Peter's very personal journey - but it also invites the listener to join the ride and immerse themselves in the sounds and feelings that make this album a truly exceptional piece of work.
Grateful thanks to Symon (one take) Boulton for his wonderful lead work on 'Gilded Cage' - He truly has the blues in his very soul!’

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 The First Day 05:39 4
2 9:05 Angel Of Mercy 05:27 4
3 9:11 Black Dog 05:24 4
4 9:16 Gilded Cage 06:13 4
5 9:23 There's A Better Way 04:24 4
6 9:27 Mayday Jam 07:10 4
7 9:34 Brothers 06:28 4
8 9:41 Hearts Of Fire 05:25 4
9 9:46 Epilogue 02:46 4