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Last Featured on this show January 13, 2017

Angie and the Deserters
Angie and The Deserters are set to release a distinctive Americana sampling of songs that are layered with an alternative country edge. The EP is carefully laced with gritty guitar riffs, a heavy bassline, and stirring violin strings that are paired perfectly with Angie’s descriptive songwriting and sultry vocals. The raw and authenticity of this sixsong collection resonates deep within the soul that will leave this record impossible to forget. The band has already toured expansively through the United States, as well as Italy and England.
About the Album or EP Angie showcases her talented and poetic song-writing skills in the Americana record, Blood Like Wine. At the root of the album, Angie’s collection of intimate poems bloom into a distinctive alternative country landscape that is joined with gliding strings and western riffs. The six song release reveals Angie’s raw and raspy vocals that bring truth and realism to her lyrics.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Country Radio 03:18 4
2 9:03 Smile 03:44 4
3 9:07 The Gift 03:27 4
4 9:10 Ain't Goin Down 03:49 4
5 9:14 Dont Cry 03:30 3
6 9:18 On My Way 03:40 4