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Steve Minotti
Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Steve Minotti now resides in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Steve started performing and captivating audiences at the age of 17. He has played coffee houses, clubs, festivals and concert venues all over his home state of Florida and along the East coast. These include Kenny’s Castaways in NYC & Douglas Corner Café in Nashville, In 1992, he spent a month touring Brazil along with his band Peace Man. Steve has opened up for Donna The Buffalo and Blues Traveler at the 2008 Garlic Festival. He was cast as Neil Diamond in the recreation of “The Last Waltz” at the Crest Theater at the Delray Beach Cultural Arts Center. Steve was a regular at the legendary Elwood’s Dixie BBQ in Delray Beach for 9 years.
In December of 2010, he performed for Chrystal Hartigan’s Songwriter's Showcase with some of the most promising songwriters in South Florida. He also lends a hand throughout the tri-county area for such events as the 11th thru 16th Medical Marijuana Benefit Concerts and the Everglades Awareness Benefits held at Tobacco Road, and also Surfers For Autism. He has been the Entertainment Chair for the American Cancer Society's “Relay For Life” Lighthouse Point/Deerfield Beach Chapter for 4 years in a row.
He's co-hosted an internet radio show with Jacqueline Jax on A.V.A. LiveRadio.com and is a repeat guest on WDJA 1420 AM, WSBR 740 AM as well as appearing on WLRN 91.3 FM with Michael Stock This 30+ year veteran is all about the music and worked with Electra Groove Recording Artist Shawn “Guitar” Starski (who also hails from Deerfield Beach and who toured with Jason Ricci & The New Blood) on his critically acclaimed debut solo CD “The Gallery” and it shows this songwriter's dedication to the musical arts. In January 2016, he released his new CD “Hats Off” with producer James McVay, Chuck Fiore on bass, drummer Barry Bernstein and brother Kenny on guitars, banjo and background vocals.
Steve has been influenced by some of the greatest singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s like Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, & Cat Stevens to name a few. Come join him for a trip back in time when the words and melodies had meaning and impact in our lives and enjoy his new spin on the 70’s songwriting sound.
"Steve Minotti concurs that love is a tough topic to tackle. “The dictionary is one of my favorite books, and I had just purchased a brand-new one the day I wrote ‘In the Definition,’ ” he reveals. “I was looking to write a timeless wedding piece, a simple twochord song. [Having] married and divorced and lived the lifestyle of a rock star, I thought I knew the meaning, but not until I met a young artist did my heart skip that beat and I felt that lump in the pit of my stomach. I felt like a 17-year-old kid again, a fumbling, bumbling nervous wreck.” Yet he doesn’t sound nervous when he sings, “You’re the gold and you’re the diamonds/You are all the tea in china/A rose garden and a palace, a shooting star, aurora borealis/Everything I love and everything I want.” Cupid clearly hit Minotti with his arrow."
- Colleen Dougher (City Link Magazine)
"When a magazine that publishes behind a mission of promoting local art and music comes across someone like Steve Minotti it is happily reminded of the natural overlap between the scenes associated with both local art and local music. As a musician with over 30 years of experience performing right here in South Florida, Steve is the real musician's musician......" - Renda Writer (WeMerge Magazine #6 Fall 2009) "There is no mistaking this seasoned professional musician as he 'has created an easily recognizable stage persona in his signature floppy jesters cap playing gigs that combine a lighthearted pose with heartfelt prose.'” - Beth Feinstein-Bartl (Sun-Sentinel/Showtime) "Steve Minotti isn’t the only songwriter to compare love to a butterfly — Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Weezer and others have done the same. But when Minotti begins “Butterfly” by singing, “I’m not trying to change the woman that you are/Because you can’t keep a butterfly bottled up in a jar,” it’s difficult not to keep listening."
- Colleen Dougher (City Link Magazine

About the Album: A compilation of song that dated back as far as 1982 that I wrote but never recorded. What prompted this was a friend of mine handed me a Cd that had a bunch of old forgotten songs I wrote he recorded on a cassette deck. I had to relearn some of them just for the Hat's Off! Cd. Produced by songwriter James McVay from LA area who has had over 40 song on TV movies and documentaries for Alan Landsberg Productions.Mastered by Frank Wolf amongst his 50 gold records for engineering and mastering for greats like Frank Sinatra, Celine Deon, Asia, Randy Newman plus a host of film and Disney Movies. The band of music makers brother Kenny Minotti Electric Guitar, banjo and background vocals and co-wrote Headstrong.... Chuck Fiore on Bass founding member of Billy Vera and the Beaters and has recorded with Billy Vera, Steve Goodman, and John Prine and has toured with John Denver, Phoebe Snow, Nicolette Larson to name a few. Featured Shawn Starski Lead Guitar on Damned If You Do an Electra Groove Recording Artist and toured with Jason Ricci and The New Blood and has toured with Otis Taylor a international blues artist also with Shawn Murphy from Little Feat, she also is Bob Seger's backup singer on tour. South Florida.s Barry Bernstein on Drums. James McVay also played pedal steel, mandolin, organ and back up vocals. My oldest brother A.J. lends a hand with his acoustic guitar picking on Taste of You and Susanne. My nephew Anthony A.J.'s son plays 12 string Rickenbacker and background vocals on I Can't Be With You Tonight. Robin Roslund a repeat player on violin from my debut Cd The Gallery along with Shawn Starski they play on Lightning Struck that is presently being played on Lonely Oak Radio.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Jump The Gun 04:08 3
2 9:04 Secrets In Your Heart 03:17 3
3 9:07 Damned If You Do 04:51 4
4 9:12 Susanne 04:47 3
5 9:17 Headstrong 03:49 3
6 9:21 Ydhtdn 03:45 4
7 9:25 Taste Of You 04:36 3
8 9:29 I Can't Be With You Tonight 03:59 3
9 9:33 Still That Feelings There 04:51 3