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God's Unruly Friends
God's Unruly Friends (GUF) are the New York City based purveyors of Mystic Ethno Electronica Jazz. Led by Dawoud ("If Jimi Hendrix played sitar, he'd sound like Dawoud." Krstin Parascondolo, Deadly Kristin magazine, Milano, Italy 2008), and a circle of master musicians, GUF's Psychoactive Music annihilates stylistic and cultural boundaries.
The element of theatrics is a part of GUF, and uses improvised processes. No two GUF concerts are exactly alike; and while a lot can (and does) happen on stage, even more is happening in the audience’s psyche.
GUF is exploring the outer and inner realms with music! There are no limits here: this is World Music from Another World!
Album: A Pearl in Wine (2016)

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Wild and Innocent 05:30 4
2 9:05 Twilight of the Idols 06:39 3
3 9:12 Lovers 07:18 3
4 9:19 Distant Travels 07:35 2
5 9:27 The Way Out is the Way In 05:32 3
6 9:32 Ride the Tiger 04:11 4
7 9:37 Veiled Rose 06:05 3
8 9:43 Dervish Blues 06:01 3
9 9:49 A Pearl in Wine 06:30 3