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Dieter van der Westen
Dieter van der Westen is an Amsterdam based singer songwriter, composer and music producer from The Netherlands active in the field of World and Americana. His second solo album titled "Old oak tree" was released in 2016 and includes ten brand new tracks.
Inspired by World and Americana musicians and artists, he started ten years ago to write and record his own songs. His first album Save my memories' was released in 2008. Songs from the album were broadcasted on Dutch national and local radio and were also used for documentaries. Dieter uses preferably acoustic instruments in his music. The lyrics are associative and partly autobiographical, the melodies are simple and pure.
Album: Old Oak Tree (2016)
Near the house where I grew up there was a forest where an old oak tree stood in an open field. I was sixteen, the youngest of four brothers and the only one who still lived at home. Then my father became sick, manic depressive. It was a tough period with tension, stress and situations that I had never experienced before. In order to cope with the stress and strain I went out of the house at night into the forest. I sat down under the old oak tree where I could let go of my emotions, everything could go out and I could come to rest and get myself together again. When I returned home in the night I picked up my guitar and started to play songs with the chords that my brother Eric had taught me. Not long ago I passed by chance the place where the tree stood. They had cut it down.
The title track Old Oak Tree is a song about life and a story of love. Two people meet during their lives in different times and every time that they have become older they think of the beautiful memories of their childhood.
All my songs contain elements from my own life, but these do not directly or literally refer to personal experiences. I prefer to leave room for the listener to create his or her own reality, to associate and give their own meaning to the song.
Even though this is a solo album, I could not have succeeded on my own. After my first album "Save my memories",I have chosen to collaborate with different musicians.
Musicians with whom I have a personal click and each of them having a distinct musical character. I am therefore very happy that I could work on this album with Joost Abbel, Kay Krijnen, Francesco Buongiorno, Mark Nieuwenhuis, Lars Posthumus, Abdel Alariachi and especially my (still big) brother Eric van der Westen with whom I share music, history and genes.
Enjoy listening to Old Oak Tree! -
Website: https://www.dietervanderwesten.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dietervanderwestenofficial/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-968574411
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7jzZUwHIipUuNN5sw3Tlnt

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Old Oak Tree 04:05 4
2 9:04 For the lost ones 03:57 4
3 9:08 Till the day I die 03:16 4
4 9:11 The things we were 04:14 4
5 9:15 Leave it for now 03:15 4
6 9:19 The days go by 03:43 4
7 9:23 I wonder 03:30 4
8 9:26 The time 04:08 4
9 9:30 Dressed in blue 03:50 4
10 9:34 Here the night 03:40 4