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Julie Mcgeer
JULIE is a singer/songwriter/musician. piano and guitar player (as well as an accomplished visual artist) from Vancouver BC. She is a member of The Sands, a folk/jazz ensemble which is a collection of some of the finest Indie and jazz players on the West Coast of Canada. The rave music reviews received from The Sands album Beast to Bone persuaded her to create a 5 song solo EP in which she explores a myriad of genres sometimes simultaneously - folk/rap, rock/ jazz/soul/country.
She captivates, entertains and surprises live and in recording and is gathering radio play and fans across the globe.
Words of support from a few of Julie’s fans: “Julie McGeer is an amazingly creative and talented soul. Her music is totally original. I catch myself singing the chorus of favorite track throughout the day, 'here you are again, in my head, you...' McGeer's in my head to be sure!Favorite track: Here You Are Again©.” Tom Woods “Your music is 'out of this world', will be downloading your album asap.” Maurice @MyNatureGarden “You have a fan here in Brooklyn, pure dopess #realmusicians #realtalent #BigSalute* Grand Surgeon “Yes They Are Extremely Awesome and Talented her voice is the Bomb” Devin Schifano @schifano_devin ".delicious, lush, these voices!" J. Salmon Kitololo “Misty Boat” Nice- good work kiddo. Sorta Rickie Lee meets Neil Young meets Gram Parsons meets Slim Pickens... but mainly most importantly and clearly... You. The old A&R prom left in me says "I hear a hit" ;-) Ah sweet voice of thine, young lady. Norvel Martin
“Was a pleasure to get your music on auto rotation” Dj Gummy Party Central Radio “You nailed it!” Darren Gosling "Track 3: Solid gone baby; no going back now! Knew you were a fighter homie, deeply cool" @ Blah Blah Blah "HOLY SHIT! Good luck getting that song out of your head! #NEWMUSICALERT Olzios "..inside you head! of course! Brilliant art. Awesome music!'
This one needs a video! Love the switch in sound from the other two. Different energy MARAVILOSA" J. Salmon Kitololo “The funky, sassy and super cool Julie McGeer” Timothy Feswick “ Love your sound and songs, just awesome!!!” DJ Chvylur Party Central Radio “There's an intelligence to Julie's writing that you won't find in 99% of today's music.
Unusual, interesting and varied, it shows an understanding of music far beyond the norm. You don't just write the same song over and over - each one has its own distinct world You have a grasp of harmonic development, with modulation and using remote chords and everything Very intricate arrangements too” Laptop Philharmonic “Her name is Julie Mcgeer and the work of this magnificent cantautore, Canadian origin, has a 'sensuality' with reminiscences that go to the meeting of Nancy Sinatra, in music, and Brigitte Bardot, in the movies.
In Short, even if the universe of reference, both sound like cinematic, can initially refer the caller to the decade of the 60th century; the same, don't let never to be current and innovative! ... [the proves it's the ribbon 3. Here you are again © Well escuitttaaa!!! Nota:5***** “ Translation from Italian Ora escuitttaaa

About the Album: A World Away
Each song its own thing. Captivating, entertaining, creative, innovative, catchy and fresh. Check it out!

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Where To Begin 04:03 4
2 9:04 Misty Boat 03:24 4
3 9:07 Here You Are Again 04:18 4
4 9:12 The Tare 03:51 4
5 9:15 Come to Me 04:49 4