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Last Featured on this show March 2, 2017

"Welcome back to rock and roll!” Is not only a strong musical lyric, but also a declaration of the mission Audiobox is on. Whether it’s a small local bar, or a stage shared with national acts, Audiobox is ready to bring the party! They have rocked stages all over the state of Pennsylvania, worked with countless local, regional, and even national acts, and are always looking to expand. When you go to an Audiobox show, you had better be ready to have fun, their stage antics, and strong crowd participation are the key to achieving their one goal: Giving people a real rock show.
The power trio is currently looking to book shows in their area and your area! They really enjoy hanging out with their fans, entertaining them, and making new ones.
Currently, Audiobox is in the studio, between gigs, preparing for the release of their two new singles “Damn” and “Summer Days!!” Aside from that they are playing weekly gigs, and funding the next full length album, which they will be recording at their own studio near Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
The band is made up of three members: Matt Colegrove on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Reichenbach on backup vocals and bass guitar, and Jason Maurer on the drums. Their influences as a band come heavily from many different groups, for example: Clutch, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Weezer, U2, Michael Jackson, Alice in Chains, Megadeth, Toadies, and many more that have impacted the way they write.
Their aim as a band is to entertain the people with both original and cover music. Not to mention they're always learning/writing new songs, so don’t be afraid to tell them what you want to hear. They enjoy getting the crowd involved by joking with them, pulling them on stage to dance, making them sing, and even play guitar! But all in all, they're here to have fun, entertain, and most importantly rock out!
Album: Nothing to Write Home About
This was our first studio venture, with the current lineup of the band. We recorded at Green Valley Studios in Hughesville, Pennsylvania. The album's lyrics were primarily written by guitarist/singer, Matthew Colegrove. Jason Maurer, the Drummer, wrote the basic rhythm and lyrics to the song Go Away. All three members, including bassist/backup vocalist, Joe Reichenbach, helped bring the musical ideas together and create an album that has been featured on many of our local music stations and a few across the country.
We hope you enjoy, and are as excited as we are for our next full studio album, which is due to be out in the first quarter of 2017.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Lies 02:05 4
2 9:02 Stuck With the Clowns 02:38 3
3 9:04 Hot Box 01:57 3
4 9:06 Go Away 03:21 4
5 9:10 Broken Nights 04:23 4
6 9:14 Chivalry is Dead 02:59 4
7 9:17 Sometimes I 03:44 4
8 9:21 Missing You Completely 05:23 4
9 9:27 Death Pact 02:43 4
10 9:29 Welcome Back 02:52 4