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Peter Hamer  
Peter Hamer is an Italian soundtrack composer. Peter is a guitar player and a multiinstrumentalist musician, focused on soundtrack music for movies, tv-series, documentaries, games and ads.
Peter is also a manager of its own label, producing some progressive rock bands where he acts as guitarist and composer.
Peter's soundtracks are focused on hybrid songs with guitars, bass, drums and orchestral elements. Some songs are more on the epic/action mood, other are more rock oriented, other are in the ambient/soundscape field.
Wholes (2015)

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 10:00 Dark Images 05:05 3
2 10:05 Escape from New York (Main Title) 03:37 3
3 10:08 Caldera 05:50 3
4 10:14 Prophecy 05:04 3
5 10:19 Planet Smash 05:19 3
6 10:25 Profondo Rosso 03:43 3