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Diagonal People
The true children of this age of absurdist hyper-real reality, Diagonal people are your theatre of provocation and your big-hearted martyrs, your constant questioning preachers and your empathetic, embracing and uncompromising nonsensical custodians of progression.
A multi-faceted and multi-tentacled esoteric “art/everything” demon sprawling from the suburbs, slums and shorelines of Swindon. A self prescribed “Post-Genre Fusion-Pop Earthquake- tribe Adam-and-eve self-revolving collective” of preposterous young upstarts viciously and passionately trying to alienate and seduce at once with sonic weaponry for the body, brain, heart, bones and ass.
A neo-existentialist, neo-expressionistic, neo post-modern entity forging things to dance to with the entirety of your self, to cast your form back to the days of mammoth tusk flutes and fluttering cave drums; jazz-ish doo-wop electronica and punk-skunkjunk pieces designed to preach transcendence and euphoria and evolution for all peoples - regardless of privilege and pretension.
These are the post-mailing-men-and-women of neo-post-modern, post-existentialist, post-genre pop; steadfastly delivering that unknowing knowledge of liberation and absurdity for our absurdly sticky high-information times with their own brand of highinformation music/art/video/paint/theatre/glitch/matter littered for the already sticky airwaves – punctuated with little jigsaw-piece breadcrumb-trail scraps of beauty to push you up here too in awareness of our post-history, post- post, post-lampost, postus-and-individual, times and dimensions.
A thematic, high concept explosion of aural manipulation, make-up, costume, lighting, firework, video, history, design, technology, architecture, emotion and textural/melodic/rhythmic divine intervention. A boiling pot of undulating lineups and fluid instrumentation stretching from fire extinguishers to samplers to everything and anything in between.
With influences from all over the universe and with inspirations and ambitions beyond it, Diagonal people are desperate to give and desperate to explore, affirm and shape the things around them, and to make it all better baby.
Album: Odyssey

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 10:00 Intro (Searching for the Transcendence Cadence) 01:44 1
2 10:01 All the Kids Are Doing It 04:10 3
3 10:06 Child of the Interdimensional Landscape 05:00 4
4 10:11 Cool with My Cults 04:42 4
5 10:15 Ballad (Screaming Through Milk White Teeth) 07:00 4
6 10:23 O! Heartache! 06:50 4
7 10:29 All My Colours 07:05 4
8 10:37 Sunburnt 04:53 3
9 10:42 Concerning the Lonely 06:34 4
10 10:48 Bastion Boy 05:18 4
11 10:54 Decay Jive 04:25 4
12 10:58 Heaven, Hold Me down Here 08:08 3
13 11:06 Yesterday's News 04:48 4
14 11:11 Outro (and This Howling Astral Rhapsody) 04:25 3