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One Way Ride
One Way Ride doesn’t just get your toes tapping—this band gets you moaning aloud.
Blending the yearning soul of Otis Redding, the railroad blues of Doc Watson, the plugged-in grit of Alice in Chains, and the cowboy harmonies of Bonnie Raitt and John Prine—One Way Ride is a distinctly Denver take on rock’n’roll.
With the release of their debut album Put Me On, One Way Ride has evolved from an acoustic duo to a fuller rock’n’roll quintet. The album is both grinding and greasy with all original material, three-part harmonies, Green-Light Girl guitar riffs, splashy drums, wailing harmonica, earthy organ, intimate upright bass on the ballads, and an electric bass foundation that drives the rock forward. The music takes you for a ride and is over too soon.
Wax your mustache, widen your pupils, and get ready for a musical trip that will most certainly turn you on.
Album: Put Me On (2016)
There’s a sense of fun that remains present throughout the tracks presented on Put Me On, be it on those more laid back tracks, the fast paced barrage of ‘1100’, or the midtempo momentum of ‘All I Have To Give’. Just like all music, One Way Ride sits within their own particular genre, and as such their music is most likely to appeal to fans of dirty southern rock, country influenced Americana, and good old fashion bluesy rock and roll. Plug in and take these guys for a spin.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Devil Eyes 03:43 4
2 9:03 Lie to Me 03:20 4
3 9:07 Waiting 04:29 4
4 9:11 1100 Miles 02:43 4
5 9:14 Someday Soon 03:59 4
6 9:18 All I Have to Give 02:49 4
7 9:21 The Man I Am 06:17 4
8 9:27 Under Your Spell 04:18 4