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One Way Ride
Rock Classics you won’t know the words to: An early 70’s international garage band that went totally under the radar, discovers tapes of their original songs – a cache of what could have been classic rock. Soaring lead guitar solos. Bluesy psychedelic rock like we almost remember it.
Welcome to the Party, Vol. 4 (2017)
“We wrote and recorded much more than the initial 3 albums after we left Minnesota… and continued to write and improve as songwriters and producers,” adds Sterlekar.
“The music covers the gamut from hard rock to bluesy love songs…and a bit of psychedelic. Most songs contain some very inspired guitar riffs. We feel there are some rock classics in here.” Stinson: “We believe the songs now sound the way they were originally ‘supposed’ to sound. Hopefully bands, looking for new and unexposed material, will make them even better.”

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 You're Still Within Me 04:19 3
2 9:04 House of Fire 06:59 3
3 9:11 Outside_Inside 05:59 3
4 9:17 Live Your Dreams (Forever) 04:50 3
5 9:22 Willow Tree 02:21 3
6 9:24 Yesterday's Gone 03:37 3
7 9:28 Tostados 01:50 3
8 9:30 Life Never Fading 03:58 3
9 9:34 Ba-Laow (The Movie Theme) 05:04 3
10 9:39 Help Me - Live 04:44 3
11 9:44 Bemidji Run-Live 04:15 3