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Tim Houlihan
As his musical sensibilities evolved, Tim Houlihan was inspired by troubadours and storytellers including Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Paul Simon, Dan Fogelberg and Bob Dylan. Carrying their kind of glorious harmonies and storytelling power into the 2010s, the Minneapolis based singer-songwriter sees Americana as the perfect genre to unleash his passions for folk, country, blues, jazz and rock. He brings all of those exciting elements to bear on his latest full length recording Another Orion.
Album: Another Orion (2015)
Another Orion opens with the laid back, Jackson Browne/Eagles flavored “I Get Lonesome, Too” – whose title was inspired by hearing those words from a stranger on the street. The song narrates the poignant story of loneliness within a relationship on its last legs and the track features David Bowie’s longtime studio and touring guitarist Gerry Leonard. The haunting, ethereal title track is a personal piece Houlihan wrote for his then-girlfriend when she was in Singapore for a long winter. He revels that they could see the same stars in the sky – but laments the separation. With “Beneath the Surface of the Well,” he rocks out a self-examinatory note to self to take more risks with his career. Another highlight is “Fair Retreat,” a hypnotic, swampy mid-tempo
dobro-driven tune that emerged in a dream. Its spacey imagery is captured in the opening line: “I’ve been living on the buttery wind, sunshine and a little Hi-C.”

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 I Get Lonesome, 04:08 4
2 9:04 Send Me Back To You 02:55 4
3 9:07 Another Orion 03:25 4
4 9:10 Going to the Country 03:19 4
5 9:14 Beneath the Surface of the Well 04:05 4
6 9:18 Some Kind of Mystery 03:22 4
7 9:21 What's Gonna Happen To Me 03:31 4
8 9:25 Fair Retreat 04:04 4
9 9:29 Somebody Talk to Jesus 03:41 4
10 9:33 Is It Ever Okay 03:42 4