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Stelios Ventas
Stelios Ventas was born in Athens, Greece in 1976. He's been playing the guitar since the age of 14. Trying to imitate his favourite guitar heroes, he taught himself to play his first Black Sabbath, Metallica and Randy Rhoads riffs.
After playing in various rock bands and gigging around Athens, he decided to learn more about music, so he started learning music theory and improvisation. Around the same time, he participated in various projects with professional and experienced musicians. He continued gigging and jamming in Athens, but always wanted to record his own music.
During 2014 - 2015 he undertook a series of courses on music technology & recording and started laying down ideas on his home studio. A year later, his self-recorded debut album was almost ready, a musical voyage from european classic rock to american pop-rock and hair metal and back, with a characteristic "old school" vibe. The final mixing & mastering was completed in 2016 by producer/engineer George Aspiotis (Warlord, Nightfall, Spitfire, Mark Zonder etc).
Album: Rock 'n' love (2016)
"I just wrote the music that I would like to listen to and really miss hearing nowadays; Pure classic rock, simple songwriting, inspired guitar riffs and solos with a sound that "smells" like a rock vinyl of the early '80s. Music coming from the soul, the voice and fingers of an emotionaly alive musician, and not a bag of tricks of a "professional" studio producer according to the fashion. It's not just another overcompressed new production, it's something different. Classic and fresh at the same time; ten different rock and love stories, straight from the heart"

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Rock 'n' love 04:10 4
2 9:04 Escape 03:15 4
3 9:07 Without you i 'm alone 04:22 4
4 9:12 Don 't confuse me 03:52 4
5 9:20 My car, my guitar and one suitcase 03:43 4
6 9:24 Catharsis 04:42 4
7 9:28 My curiosity 04:08 4
8 9:33 Don 't let me down again 04:34 4
9 9:37 Our biggest fan 05:10 4