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Love Ghost
We are Love Ghost and this is our self-produced EP Love ghost volume 1. We are an indie rock band from Los Angeles and we are all teen-agers. Love Ghost was formed in February of 2015, and we have been busy performing at clubs throughout Los Angeles ever since. Love Ghost has played in both Make Music Pasadena and Echo Park Rising, and we have been the opening act for Ozomatli, Buckcherry, Berlin, The Tubes and next weekend we will open for Smash Mouth.
Vocals, Guitar, Piano / Finnegan Bell
Viola / Mya Greene
Drums, Vocals / Ale Sierra
Bass, Vocals / Ryan Stevens
Love Ghost has made several top ten lists (The Big Takeover, rock.current), we have been featured in many Hype Machine blogs, selected as one of the top new bands by indie imagination radio (Netherlands), and have been written about in online music sites worldwide. Our songs have been named "song of the day" multiple times by international bloggers, and have been played on radio stations around the globe. Our performance of "Forgive Me" has been number 1 worldwide on the Balcony TV charts for nine consecutive weeks, and is currently number 2 for the entire year.

Love Ghost
e-mail: danbellcasting@sbcglobal.net - Web-site: Loveghost.com

Ghost Vol. 1 (2016) is a self-produced EP by the members of Los Angeles Teen Rock band Love Ghost. The songs were recorded in the late spring/early summer of 2016.
All songs are original recordings written by Love Ghost.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Friday Afternoon 04:50 4
2 9:04 Forgive Me 06:07 5
3 9:11 Chimpanzee 03:01 4
4 9:14 Bones 04:11 4
5 9:18 Mystery Box 04:43 4
6 9:23 Maroon 04:47 4