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Wally Hite Rankin
There's a wide contrast of songs on the Doctor Keith Medicine Woman debut. How do these songs differ from those with your pop-punk band Damn The Torpedoes?
Damn The Torpedoes is a high energy.
Being raised at the end of the vinyl era on the remote east coast of Australia, are there specific records etched in your memory?
A lot of my early music discovery was through the folks record collection. Mainly albums from the 60's and 70's. That's where I heard the usual suspects (The Beatles, Led Zep, Hendrix, etc) for the first time. The first song I remember discovering was 'Love Potion No.9' which is still a favourite of mine.
When writing, do you find a riff or theme first?
Generally I will find a riff first but sometimes a lyric or theme will come first.
This debut EP inc. Paul Richards (drums) Nicole Douglas (bv’s) & Dallas Cosmas (production). How does performing vary for you from recording?
Recording is more about what will suit the song. Being that DKMW isn't constrained by the traditional band format there's the opportunity to let the song develop naturally rather than being restrained by the number of performers you have. Performing the songs live on the other hand will depend on how many people are performing as to what parts get played.
In some ways DKMW sounds like going back in time travel compared to the cut & paste techniques of these days. Do you think the technology has gone too far?
I don't know that the technology has gone too far but I do think it's over utilised at times.
I've been down the cut and paste road with previous bands and I can tell you they aren't my favourite recordings that I've played on. I don't have a problem with a song that has a bit of push and pull tempo wise. That's what makes it human.
What's next for you?
That's for fate to decide....

Album: Dr Keith Medicine Woman (© 2015)
Get ready for the earth tremors and shakes of Wally Hite Rankin on the EP - Doctor Keith Medicine Woman. This debut release comes in volumes of light and shade.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 I, I, I  02:38 4
2 9:02 Share My Light 04:17 4
3 9:07 Where You Lie 02:50 4
4 9:10 Wrecking Ball 02:53 4
5 9:12 Won't Tell You a Lie 02:07 4
6 9:15 Walking 04:35 4
7 9:19 Sweet Olivia  04:13 4