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Night Wolf
Ryan Wilcox Aka Night Wolf was born in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Currently working with The Music Jar ( www.themusicjar.co.uk ) under a non exclusive deal, he stocks a selection of music for use in TV/Game/Film + Radio opportunity's.
Night Wolf has produced music for film trailer The Essex Boys Retribution which was released to Netflix, Music for the UK Government and officially remixed Mark Morrison.
Having collaborated with many up and coming artists Night Wolf has released 5 EP's (Watts The Time Mr Wolf , Moonlight EP , The Co Lab Vol 1, Nightmare BeforeChristmas + Learning Pace Of Travel) and has featured on a wide range of single releases and compilations.
First signed too record label Fly Productionz Ltd, Night Wolf completed a 360 contract and released 3 EP's through them, but is now unsigned and looking to gain interest in other record labels and management due to wanting to push the music in a different direction.
Night Wolf has appeared in The Guardian news as a contributor, Times and Citizens news, Luton At Large, News On Sunday, ELTE University (Budapest), Herald + Post, and a host of online review sites and music blogs.
Appearing on BBC Introducing 3 times and on an interview with BBC Three Counties Radio, he continues to be featured on a range of online streaming services and online radio stations.
Night Wolf is currently working on a travelling project named Song Of Travel to which a blog is accompanied
(songoftravelblog.wordpress.com), travelling 10 Countries and making 1 song out of all he records, allowing all he meets on his journey to become involved and searching for street musicians and known artists to contribute.
Ryan Wilcox started out in music playing the drums and piano, he was in various local rock bands, and produced the majority of the work. He moved into singing/songwriting from the age of 12 and has continued to enhance his skills in music production, all being self learned. He continues to stock his music for opportunity's at Music Jar and has also had his work used at other synch libraries such as Sky Rocket Records, Gung Ho Music, SumSerious Music and The Cutting Edge.
Check out his work at Soundcloud or The Music Jar.
You can find me and Follow me here:
Music Jar : www.themusicjar.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nightwolfuk
Twitter : @songoftravel
Email @ : songoftravelblog@gmail.com
Soundcloud : @nightwolfuk

Learning Pace Of Travel EP (2016)
I titled the EP Learning Pace Of Travel as it relates to my last years experiences, Learning Pace Of Travel is a far more personal release that I have put out so far. Its songs and lyric content is a reflection of everything I have experienced during my travels and being away from “home” for so long. From love to heartbreak, finding my own space and travel to money worries, It has tracks that are meant to uplift and remind you to keep your head up, whilst others are more realistic in not always being a clear path to where you want to be in life. I love how I am not involved in the lyric writing process for other artists, I send them instrumental ideas with my pre existing own idea of what the song is about and what the subject would be. They seem to always be able to capture the under lying feel for the track, for instance one of the tracks with AMRA being Bleeding Out Your Love, was a song written by AMRA after I
had sent her another instrumental that I created after a bad time in a relationship, she then sent me lyrics and we created a brand new song from it, but she was able to capture what I was feeling without many words between us. The EP hosts 8 tracks, being three extra then I usually release on my previous EP's and is a good mix up of styles, this is also the first of my releases where I have not only produced the music but I also have wrote the lyrics and sang on them too!

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Take A Hit 03:12 4
2 9:03 Good For Me 03:47 4
3 9:07 Bleeding Out Your Love 04:04 4
4 9:11 If I Were Too 03:19 3
5 9:14 Need That Money 02:53 3
6 9:17 Music Is The Cure 03:08 4
7 9:20 Cindolina 03:23 4
8 9:24 Bitterness 03:28 4