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Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett grew up in Southern California listening to a wide variety of music from Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass. "There was no musical genre called Americana when I was a kid", says Tim. "Americana has evolved from a music cast off by other mainstream genres for not fitting their particular mold. Americana can rock and soar, break your heart and make you cry, make you laugh or make you proud. It's definitely made in America."
Tim is the former lead singer/songwriter for the band Whistler’s Father, an Americana group whose independent 2015 release “Highly Irregular” received airplay globally. "I Really Don't Miss You At All" made the Top 40 of The Roots Music Report Americana Chart and The Top 75 of The Fan Voted Chart.
Album: Inevitable Discovery (2016) “Inevitable Discovery” is Tim Bennett’s new solo Americana album full of blues, rock, and country.
A real pleasure to listen to Tim's album, a collection of songs that tell the richness of his musical influences. The pleasure comes from this diversity (rocker, bluesy, southern gospel ...), the perfect rendition but also from his particular timber of voice that sounds clear on these good songs. Among all the new releases, this discovery wasn't inevitable but missing this album would have been a real shame! His personal Americana brings an original touch.
– Mike Penard ISA Radio France 10-13-16.
The eleven-song collection, all penned by Bennett, kicks off with the timely “It Must Be True” a bluesy take on believing (or not) everything you read; that's followed by the rocker “Heaven Or Hell” reminding us that we’re all in control of our own destiny.
Bennett returns to the blues on the touching piano ballad “I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore”, the melancholy, harmonica accented “Garbo Blues” and the electric “Damaged Goods.” The album also includes “Wrap Your Head Around It” a lively southern gospel tune that will “fortify your soul”; the seductive “Trouble” and the gentle “Security” before closing out with “They Gave Me Whiskey.” - The Daily Country 10-10-16

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 It Must Be True 03:26 4
2 9:03 Heaven or Hell 03:49 4
3 9:07 I Don’t Want to Do This Anymore 04:23 4
4 9:11 Wrap Your Head Around It 03:14 4
5 9:15 Garbo Blues 04:05 4
6 9:19 Damaged Goods 03:57 4
7 9:23 Black Lace 04:59 4
8 9:28 Trouble 04:04 4
9 9:32 Anyway 03:57 4
10 9:36 Security 04:21 4
11 9:41 They Gave Me Whiskey 03:50 4