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Plain as Ghosts
PLAIN AS GHOSTS draws on deep, personal experiences derived through love, loss and life. The intimate lyrics spark an outlook of hope and integrity which comes as a refreshing take on a genre typically fuelled by anger and aggression. The music is described as heavy and lyrically directed with hints of melodic ambience.
Comprised of Trevor Lux (vocals/guitar), Adam Halstrom (bass/vocals), Daniel Friesen (guitar/vocals) and Rodrigo Ramirez (drums), the band formed in the fall of 2014 and is based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They rehearse from Trevor's home in Niverville - a rural community 30 km south of Winnipeg.
RENDERING is the band's self-produced debut album, hitting ears on May 27, 2016.
The title "rendering" refers to the idea of creating or performing something as a means of processing emotion. Lead track "Monday Morning Quarterback" is a dynamic rockalternative anthem about the simple act of passing judgement from a position of hindsight.
This prairie rock band draws upon many combined years of stage and studio experience. As such, PLAIN AS GHOSTS is excited to bring a dynamic, high energy performance to the stage with a dash of down to earth charm!
Album: Rendering (2016) Released in May 2016, recorded and produced by Adam Halstrom (Bass/vocals) in his home studio - Pollution Lake Sound. All songs written and performed by Plain as Ghosts.

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# (PST) Name length Rating
1 9:00 Rendering 01:01 1
2 9:01 Convolution 05:00 4
3 9:06 Monday Morning Quarterback 04:15 4
4 9:10 Against the Waves 04:39 4
5 9:15 Alethea 05:02 4
6 9:20 Empty Halls & Plaster Walls 03:18 4
7 9:23 The Law 03:38 4
8 9:27 Character Witness 04:24 4