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Terry Dark's Jameson Raid - "Uninvited Guests"
It was in 2009 that this story begins. Up until then, Jameson Raid had been pretty much consigned to the history books where they sat next to the event from which Messrs Ace, Dark, Kimberley and Smith had taken their name; the one a conflict in the Transvaal which kicked off at the end of 1895, the other a cult band from the Midlands who’d racked up just two EPs and a track on the NWOBHM compilation album, Metal for Muthas 2, before drifting into obscurity. But this is a story with a happy ending, and most stories with a happy ending need some magic; in this case the magic came in the shape of the title track of the band’s first release, the ‘Seven Days Of Splendour’ EP. The single has become a cult classic – everyone knew of it even if they didn’t actually own it – and is highly revered amongst NWOBHM fans.
Jameson Raid’s Terry Dark takes up the tale. “In 2009 we discovered that the band was still alive in people’s memories and two dedicated websites appeared without any involvement from us. At almost the same time Roxxcalibur contacted us and asked if they could cover ‘Seven Days Of Splendour’ on their upcoming album which features some of the best songs from the era. Shadow Kingdom Records then contacted us with the idea of making the ‘Just As The Dust Had Settled’ album. High Roller Records also released the album in vinyl form and suddenly we were getting offers of doing real gigs. O2Academy, Hard Rock Hell & even Download.
But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. Jameson Raid’s roots go back to 1973 when bassist John Ace and guitarist Ian Smith played together in Spectaté II at school in Sutton Coldfield. Their first gig took place on 26th August 1975 under the generally disliked name Notre Dame. “We only used the name once, at that gig in Sutton Coldfield,” Ian confirms. “Boz (Roadie Nick Freeman) “ came up with the name Jameson Raid which he’d heard in History classes in school, we liked it and that was that.” Former Hoi Polloi singer Terry Dark joined in December 1976 and Stewart the Guitarist left a few days later, Jameson Raid’s most well-known and well-respected line-up was complete. ...more

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