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The Ian Black Band - "Bound for Trouble
The Ian Black Band is based in Brewer, ME; started up in 2012, releasing their debut album, Take the Wheel, in 2014. Since then, their original tunes have been getting a lot of airplay on local and Internet radio stations. With several originals under their belt and a long list of cover tunes, they put on a great show!
In 2016, The Ian Black Band did their first tour down the East Coast as far as Virginia Beach and will be repeating the tour in 2017, as well as taking a road trip up to Toronoto, Canada to perform with Bedrokk and meet the infamous Beany!
Their second album Bound for Trouble, was just released in December, containing 12 tracks and a special bonus track of Bound to Be Trouble.
The Ian Black Band's material can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bull Moose stores, as well as being on several streaming services across the internet. An official website will be up soon!! Check back!

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