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Last Featured on this show February 24, 2017

Dalton Cyr - "Invisible", "You're Not Alone"
Singer, Songwriter, Musician Dalton Cyr (pronounced SEAR) is set to release his third EP, “Breathe” along with its accompanying 3-song music film, in Spring 2017. A prolific songwriter, described as Ed Sheeran meets Bruce Springsteen, Cyr was named “one of the most promising upcoming songwriters in the world” by industry talent scouts.
Two of his songs are featured in the upcoming feature film TIME TOYS with his rereleased single "The Way It Should Be" as the official music video for the movie. Cyr has artist relationships with Taylor quitars, Fender Guitar, Ernie Ball and Guitar Center. In 2015, he was inducted into Robert M Knight’s The Brotherhood of the Guitar which is centered on upcoming guitarists who are considered to be the guitar legends of tomorrow.

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