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Last Featured on this show March 4, 2017

The Ash - "Ghosts","Together To Be Broken","Meet Me There","Its Not The End"
The Ash is an up and coming solo music artist.
This one man band, a shred guitarist and vocalist that combines rock, alternative, indie and blues to create a unique and fresh sound.
After having been in many bands over the years, having his own original music played on internet radio in various countries and cable TV, The Ash has now begun his solo career.
A gifted young musician whose talents include songwriting, lead guitar solos with a Satriani / Hendrix style, and a natural singing voice. All these elements combined with his unique sound, blend together to produce great new music.
Ghost's - EP (2017)
This is the 1st solo EP. All music,lyrics were written, recorded and mixed by The Ash.
These are the Side 'A' tracks, and side 'B' are currently being written by The Ash. The side A EP tracks have been well received by fans of The Ash. All tracks mastered by Frank.T

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