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Swamp Music Players - "Crowd Pleaser"
Swamp Music Players are a retro futuristic band with a passion for Swamp Rock, Swamp Blues, Swamp Pop and Cosmic Americana. We enjoy the crossroads of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when good ole Rock’N’Roll was cool again and co-existing with retro transistor technology.

Our art projects have a strong thematic and theatrical edge. We have worked with award winning producers and Grammy ballot artists on recording projects. We have reached Top-30 Campus charts in Ontario and made the top ten for fan voting for the Warped Tour USA. SMP is unique being able to play authentic Blues/Classic Rock while also reaching a younger international audience because of our commitment to our underground art style. We have earned deep social media penetration for being outliers in both the retro transistor-punk art movement and authentic swamp music genres. Swamp Music Players is beloved by a growing community of fans and artists. Fighting the future in the 21st Century!

Crowd Pleaser ����☢ Alt-Country Rock of "retro futurism" by Swamp Music Players.
Featuring and co-written by Virginia Americana artist Joseph Gearheart. The Swamp Music Players are an international collective of artists with a passion for swamp music and Cosmic Americana. 'Crowd Pleaser' is so retro it's now!

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