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Keith Jennings - "Don't Lie"
Keith Jennings is a rare breed - an authentic “Native Southern Californian” who grew up in and around the entertainment industry. His uncle Barry Richards charted a Top 50 hit called Come Fill Your Cup Again in 1974. Keith’s eclectic musical influences range from classic Boyce & Hart to The Monkees, from Nik Kershaw right on through to Justin Bieber and other contemporary talents. Singer/writer/producer Bobby Hart (of Boyce & Hart) wrote and produced many of the Monkees’ hits, doing the same for many artists. In fact, he produced two songs on Keith’s first album.
Keith has studied acting and voice, and appeared in a number of films and TV shows.
He has sung at a variety of clubs in the L.A. area. Don’t Lie will be included on an upcoming album. Stay tuned for more from up-and-comer Keith Jennings.
Twitter: @_KeithJennings_
Keith Jennings Don't Lie Official Music Video:

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