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Mullen - "The Devil Is Innocent"
Andrew Mullen’s debut album “Intox”, which has been slated for the second quarter of 2017, will make all true rock fans and music fanatics raise their hands with praise as well as give a sigh of relief that rock music still exist. Hailing from from rural Yackandandah, Australia, Mullen has spent 12 months mastering and polishing his craft by writing songs based on social awareness and equality from an eagle eye point of view.
The lead single “The Devil is Innocent” which has thus far been well receive on all major social media platforms sets the tone of the record. The original riffs and memorable choruses will cement the album’s song titles in car stereos, rock venues as well as create new subject lines for social media posts. Soundcloud
After listening to the album in its entirety you will agree that Mr. Mullen and his music is extending the arm of appreciation for those who continue to fly the flag of rock.
All tracks on the album were written and performed by Andrew Mullen.
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