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Last Featured on this show April 8, 2017

Baza - "Easy Money"
"Doug and Geof have developed a special symbiosis; they are true compliments to each other as they play, each allowing room for the other to shine. The audience was captured from the beginning in their web of gritty and soulful sounds, tasty storytelling, and evident joy in what they do.
Doug Philbrook, guitar and lead vocals, always delivers with heart, soul, and a voice meant to sing the blues; and Geof Goodell on thoughtful, gritty harmonica and harmonies is the perfect partner in crime. It was especially cool to hear Geof do some lead singing during the evening, notably a thoughtful rendering of Paul Geremia’s “If a Woman’s Love Was Whiskey.”
Their second set, a journey through their new CD Reeds, Strings, Blues, and Rags, was perfect. They brought the audience on a mystical journey with their distinctive styling of classic tunes as well as Doug’s original songs, songs that seem right at home with the tradition that inspired them. They clearly love what they do and they have the chops to do it. Straightforward and smooth they played their souls, and the room was hooked." - Anya Zakiewicz, Simple Gifts Coffeehouse

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