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theOohz - "Needle in the Mirror"
Hi, JJ here from I am delighted to introduce you to "theoohz". Below is everything you require for radio play and blog submissions. My mission is to gain the theOohz as much exposure as possible, and I hope you can help me through your platform.
Andy Tyler is a songwriter that I feel deserves to be heard.
MUSIC BIOGRAPHY (Caravan music promotions/ JJ Kane)
I would describe myself as an Artist/Singer/Songwriter. My interest in songwriting began at Art College, where I joined my first band in the late 1980's, Playing guitar and singing I went through several bands over the next few years, culminating in playing at London's ICA rock week with my latest band the 'Beach Authority'. Here we supported 'The Mekons' and 'Strawberry Switchblade' - if we had played a day earlier we would of supported 'The Smiths'. This turned out to be our last gig and we all went our separate ways but, my interest is songwriting did not diminish and I got together with one exe member, writing several songs together. I have collaborated with many others since then, doing fairly mundane work in order to finance myself and to continue my artistic interests and development.
To this day, I have written about two hundred songs utilizing many divergent styles...from folk to punk to ska to hip hop rock, recording this music at home, using computer software to create and hone my sound. Going under my old band name 'the oohz' some of my recordings have been played on internet radio stations and on my local BBC Introducing show - indeed, 'the oohz' (a full 5 piece live band) played live on BBC radio introducing show in 2010. Alas, this project came to an end in 2011 and, despite several efforts, have been unable to get another full band together. I continue to write in collaborations and solo projects, promoting myself on the internet, occasionally creating my own music videos for any suitable songs.
Currently I am developing a set of songs designed for playing 'live' with an acoustic guitar.
andrew tyler

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